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Core Components

Haiti continues to be the poorest country in western hemisphere

Haiti continues to be the poorest country in western hemisphere

Children Homes:

On average each home will have no more than 8-10 children cared by a home mother and 2 assistants depending on the age of the children. Special attention is given to balanced nutrition and personal hygiene.

Formal Education:

Our children are to attend public schools near our homes. When scholarships are possible for Christian schools strong consideration will be given to such programs. Our children will be encouraged to aim high in their education to become leaders to transform communities.

Consistent Mentorship:

Tutoring programs will be available to help the children with homework and further advance their education. In addition, age appropriate programs to develop social skills and vocational skills will be part of the curriculum. The spiritual development of each child is one of the most important components of our program, to instill Biblical principles that help the individual make sound decisions in life.

Physical Development:

We are committed to provide each child with basic medical and dental care to aid their physical and psychological development. Part of their development will consist in the participation in sports and activities to maintain good physical fitness.

Vocational Training:

In addition to helping our children with vocational training and skill development, we also want to help the community around us. By opening to the community a Vocational Center, we can further influence the community in developing life sustaining skills they can implement at home (small vegetable gardens, micro enterprises, other skills like carpentry, auto mechanic, computer training, English as a second language).

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