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Kids Clubs

Church Partner


Learn4Life a Christian non-for profit organization, is working together with Egilse de Dieu of Trou Gilot in Haiti, to care for children and reach their parents with the Gospel. Our Kids Club works in similar ways to what we have in America, bible lessons, fun games and social time. However, because of the need we also provide nutritious meals and tutoring to help children succeed in school.

Ministering at Trou Gilot


Trou Gilot is a small town in the outskirts of the city of Cabaret about 20 Miles west of Port au Prince. It is a very poor area, with no electricity, no water, no health facility and no schools. There are large numbers of children and youth. Agriculture is the main source for jobs. In the midst of all this poverty, our church partner Eglise de Dieu (Church of God) brings a ray of hope in Trou Gilot!

Eglise de Dieu - Love2Learn Kids Club


This modest church is bringing the hope of Jesus to children at the Kids Club and to their parents. They want their children educated to have a better life than what they have today. Learn4Life provides the curriculum and funds for classroom materials, lunch and a snack for the children in the program. Currently we have 50 children enrolled and 50 more in the waiting list. Many more children could benefit from the Kids Club curriculum and tutoring. Fixing current facilities and adding classrooms is a big urgent need.

Lunch Time


Our children in the Love2Learn Kids Club program having lunch. This is probably the best meal they will get on this day. As you can see, we currently lack adequate facilities and furniture. But this is about to CHANGE!. Thanks to your generosity, we have plans to build 4 new classrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 for boys and 2 for girls) and a kitchen. We are currently waiting for the usual permits and approvals so we can start the construction. We will need tables and chairs and other equipment so we stop using the pews as tables.

Class Room


Our Executive Director Dr. Yvette Benoit, is teaching a lesson to the children on Saturday morning. Yvette is a former sponsored child with Compassion International. Growing up in the same environment as many of the kids in our program, she had a dream to become a medical doctor. After graduating from high school, she was accepted to Medical School in the University of Haiti and made her dream a reality. Today Yvette is in charge of the Malaria eradication Program in Haiti, also realizing her dream of helping her own people in a big way. We see many potential doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, lawyers, teachers and pastors in the children we care for in the Love2Learn Kids Club in Trou Gilot!



Here is a picture of the true HEROES of our program. These are the tutors, helpers and cook that selflessly give of their time and talent to teach the children in the program. We are so grateful for their sacrifice and unconditional love for the children. They show true Christ-like love for others!

Mayor Projects

Currently we have two major projects: to bring clean water by drilling a well and or a system to collect rain water. The second project is to build 5 classrooms (you can see how precarious the facilities are), so the building could also be used to start a primary school in Trou Gilot. Students have to walk over 4 miles to go to school today. Having our own school will increase attendance and improve the quality of education in the area. Our BIG DREAM is to start an orphanage in this area as well, to care for orphans and abandoned children.

Learn4Life is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax deductible.