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Why Haiti?


Humble beginnings

ivetgraduatingOur development work in Haiti began in response to the overwhelming number of orphans and abandoned children that significantly increased after the 2010 earthquake. Although some level of reconstruction has been achieved, the need to help children continues to be high and is what motivate us to establish homes for orphans. Our journey to Haiti started by sponsoring children through Compassion International over more than 20 years, which lead to sponsor a young woman in her dream to become a medical doctor. Her name is Yvette Angervil.

Yvette studied and worked very hard all her life to overcome all the obstacles that a child in Haiti can have and graduated as a M.D. from the Univertisy of Haiti with honors. She also completed a six month internship at the Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal, Canada. This could have not happened without the encouragement of her mother and support from Compassion International.

She married Stanley Benoit, a Social Worker who also shares the dream to help those in need. Her dream was always to become a doctor to help her own people! She worked at the local hospital and then in a non-for-profit organization motivated to help her own.

After a deep concern for the increasing number of orphans, she decided that it was time to do something about it… and Learn 4 Life Haiti was born!   We want to create a nurturing environment for children at risk so they can also achieve their dreams and change the country.

A Home for the Children

pastorPart of our dream is to develop 20 acres of land to build children homes, a vocational and community center and a cliic to provide primary care to children in the community. Pictured here is Pastor MagloireDenelus fromEglise Saintete D’Emmanuel, one of our local church partners.

An additional recent inspiration for us is the song by Matt West “Do Something”, click on the link to listen.

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Mathew West - Do something

Andrea & the orphans in uganda