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let's provide a better life
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We’re able to accept donations in the form of stock, mutual funds, and through estate planning.

Please contact so your charitable donation can be easily tracked for tax purposes.


We are incredibly grateful when businesses, organizations, or individuals donate supplies which can be used in our Children’s Homes in Haiti and our US office. Others make generous in-kind donations by volunteering their time to help us with various fundraising projects. If you would like to make an in-kind donation, we would love to hear from you!


Please send checks to:

Learn4Life Inc,

PO Box 364
Washington Crossing, PA 18966

If you’re sponsoring a specific child, giving towards a trip or internship, donating in honor of someone, or want to direct your donation to our operating costs, please specify in the memo line of your check. A summary of your giving will be issued along with a tax-deductible receipt at the end of each calendar year.

Donate Online:

  • Sponsor a child, with a monthly donation of just $40

Your generous gifts will help us bring hope to children and community:

  • Donate for our building project (any amount will go far!)
  • Donate for clean water projects in the community
  • Donate for the unsponsored children fund
  • Make a memorial gift

You can also donate your time to encourage our children:

  • Travel with us to Haiti (trips are usually planned in July-August and January - March)
  • Volunteer to teach English or life skills (Computer learning, programming, carpentry etc.)



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Help us provide medical care and school books this Christmas.

Due to COvid-19 children have not seen a doctor for the past 12 months. Our volunteer medical team is ready to help!

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